• Hope for the Homeless.

    Advocacy for the unhoused and forgotten.


    Agape Project of Georgia Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in March 2022 in Hall County, Georgia. Agape Project is dedicated to equipping the homeless with resources necessary for self-sufficiency and independence such as obtaining their IDs, birth certificates, and social security cards. Such resources are necessary in acquiring housing, employment, and medical attention. Additionally, we are working towards advocacy for the homeless population in an effort to ensure equity and equal opportunity

  • We're a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide resources and advocacy to those suffering from homelessness to assist in their efforts towards self sustainability.

    Here's how we help:

    Signing up for Government ID's

    Job Placement

    Provide access to physical and mental health facilities

    Legal Assistance

    Government Assistance Programs

    Provide Meals

  • Help provide resources and advocacy for the unhoused and forgotten

    We believe in a safe a community where the homeless have equal opportunities to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Help us get there!